Best Vastu Tips for Store Room & Kitchen

A Store room is to keep many things including grains in some households. Thus, it is important to know the vastu-compliant direction and space to structure this part of the home. In fact, many people a store room adjoining kitchen in order to store edibles like grains, pulses and other edibles then here are the vastu tips to keep in mind as the wrong vastu of a store room can lead to many issues in life. Therefore check out the vastu-friendly tips while designing a store room at home:

The North-West direction is best suitable to construct a store room as it allows a regular flow of grains and wealth for a family.

The two-shutter door installation on the entrance of a store room and the store room facing towards any direction other than the South-west direction is believed to be correct as per Vastu.

Leave space for windows installation in East or the West direction of a store room.

White, Blue and Yellow colour is perfect for a store room as these colours release positive vibes which leads to a happy atmosphere.

The Lord Vishnu’s painting or a photograph hanged East-facing wall is said to bring in health, wealth and good fortune home

Store the grains stock in the South-west corner and other articles in the North-west direction.

Usually, water connection or supply has nothing to do with a store room but in case you have one then use a pitcher or vessel to store water in this area.

Being an essential part of a home, the kitchen must have vastu-compliance. This is so, because the vastu-dosh of kitchen area reflects on the health of all family members like women suffers from knee and back pain while the male members from obesity and troubles in professional growth. So go through the below-mentioned points and construct a vastu-friendly kitchen to stay happy and healthy always:

A person is required to face towards the East direction while cooking and thus South-East direction is believed to be the perfect kitchen entryway.

Build a Vastu-friendly kitchenette and stay away from health problems such as persistent fever, diabetes and hypertension etc.

Let the women family members stay away from the stomach and digestive problems along with relaxation from issues like back pain, stress, and leg pain by structuring Kitchen in vastu-friendly manner.

Agni and Jal are opposite to each other and thus placing of cooktop and washbasin in a close proximity is not good. Thus, design kitchen in which cooktop and washbasin have different arenas. This minimizes the fights or the quarrel amongst the family members and keeps the environment happy. Because the adjacent placement of Agni and Jal in the Kitchen area results in the generation of negative energy.

Segregate the kitchen space and the entry gate of your home by hanging a curtain or a wooden partition in the mid-way. The direct vision of a kitchen via the entry gate results in the knee and back pain in the female family members.

The cooktop or the person cooking food must face towards the east direction. However, the North-West direction is also considered to be perfect for construction of a kitchen space.